We innovate and perform the most up-to-date technology for vision problems, delivering the highest quality eye care in the most efficient, cost-effective way, including comprehensive vision analysis, general eye screening and provide the most appropriate vision correction. Eye conditions, such as corneal infection, age-related macular degeneration, cataracts, glaucoma etc, which require further evaluation and treatment will be referred to the appropriate specialist.

Specialise in contact lenses that are available in the market today, including conventional Soft, Toric, RGP, Disposable, and Coloured Cosmetic lenses.

Make available to you the latest in frame and lens technology to ensure your satisfaction. Eyewear is cosmetically an article of personal fashion. We carry a wide range of frames, with hundreds of distinctive styles from which to choose, tailoring each pair of frame and lenses to your own style. We will help you learn more about spectacle frames and assist you in choosing the best frames for your needs

For today’s safety spectacles, we have a variety of fashionable safety frame designs for better looking conscious individuals. Better looking and comfortable protective eyewear is far more likely to be worn in the workplace.

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