Allergic disorders are on the rise both among adults and children in Singapore and worldwide. Although these range from mild rashes to severe life-threatening allergic reactions, they may be preventable once the allergic trigger (e.g. food, drug, type of insect venom sting) is identified. Accurate evaluation and investigations help in the prevention of further reactions and reduces unnecessary anxiety. Lack of proper identification and unnecessary elimination of unproven triggers may affect the psychosocial well-being of the allergic individual, family and friends, as well as growth and development in children.

Arthritis afflicts not only the elderly, but also children, young people and working adults. If not diagnosed and treated early, persistent joint pain and swelling may result in joint deformities, affect ones psychosocial well being and quality of life, and result in functional disability. Similarly, connective tissue diseases which are usually autoimmune disorders of the immune system, may affect joints, muscles and other internal organs like the kidneys, brain and nerves. Early diagnosis and treatment reduces the risk of chronic organ damage and disability, enabling patients to lead normal lives.

Rheumatism refers mainly to pain, soreness and tenderness in the muscles, tendons, ligaments and other soft tissues. These are not uncommon among working adults as they are often associated with our daily work and leisure activities. Early diagnosis and treatment result in reduction of pain and improvement in function, early return to normal work and leisure activities and implementation of effective preventive strategies.

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