Asia Brain Spine and Nerve Medical Centre is first of its kind fully comprehensive neuroscience practice in Singapore in the private sector. It is established to provide a comprehensive one stop facility to treat all brain, spine, nerve and pain related conditions. We aspire our practice to provide world class state of art care where all the patients are treated professionally with empathy.

Our practice provides complete evaluation and management of all neurological, neurosurgical and neurointerventional conditions. We have the entire range of neurodiagnostic, neurophysiology, imaging, interventional suites, operating facilities at our disposal looking after all basic to complex challenging conditions. We provide latest cutting edge technologies including latest treatments and techniques to benefit our patient.

We also offer comprehensive brain health and spine health assessment at our centre. Brain health assessment involves screening for risk of future neurological conditions such as stroke and dementia.

Stroke is one of the commonest medical conditions in medical practice. We provide a specialized stroke screening service to evaluate and treat at-risk individual.

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