BSc Degree (Exercise and Sports Science), ECU
Certified Strength & Conditioning Specialist, NSCA
ACSM EIMS Certified

Boon Wei has always been very active and interested in sports. This inspired Boon Wei to further his studies with Edith Cowan University, Australia, in Exercise and Sports Science. In addition to his bachelor degree in Exercise and Sports Science, Boon Wei is also a certified strength and conditioning specialist from the National Strength and Conditioning Association (NSCA). This benefits himself and more importantly, his clients will stand to gain.

He has trained at one of Singapore’s most recommended private sports medicine clinic, where he coached patients in rehabilitation and strength training. He also worked with one of the largest Physiotherapy chains as a Functional Exercise Rehabilitationist. His role included implementing strength and conditioning programs for patients returning back to sports to optimise their sporting performance. He also assisted in exercise and metabolic testing for athletes and patients who aspire to better their performance in sports. Boon Wei is also a qualified football coach who has worked with children of age 5-16. He understands the needs and demand for different age group. Boon Wei is a certified fitness professional through the American College of Sports Medicine (ACSM), Exercise Is Medicine Singapore (EIMS) program by Changi General Hospital to help patients with chronic diseases work out safely.

Boon Wei also loves to travel and explore delicacies around the world!

雯纬一直非常活跃并对运动感兴趣。他一直热衷于帮助朋友复原并超越自己,达到他们的个人目标。这促使文伟进一步在澳大利亚Edith Cowan大学的运动和体育科学深入学习。雯纬没有就此停止学习。除了他的运动和体育学士学位,雯纬也是受国家强力锻练协会(NSCA)认证的强力与锻炼专家。这不仅让自己受益,更重要的是雯纬相信他的客户也将从中受益。


雯纬也曾是一名训练5-16岁的孩子的合格足球教练。他了解不同年龄层的需求与要求。 雯纬也是一个通过美国运动医学学院(ACSM)运动医学认证的健身专人,也在由樟宜总医院主办的新加坡‘运动是解药’ 计划(EIMS)中帮助慢性病患者安全的锻炼。


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