Beauty Nails Spa is committed to provide good quality Nails services in a friendly environment at an affordable price range.

The variation of options includes Acrylics, Silk or Fiberglass wraps, French Manicures, Polish, Pedicures, etc Beauty Nails Spa uses quality Gelish that will protect your nails, helping them to grow long, strong and healthy. Also, our Gelish will aid in splitting nails, no more chipped or peeling varnish. The Gelish is set under a lamp and dries instantly, eliminating any risk of smudging, no hanging around waiting for your nails to dry.

Best of all, 2 weeks or more of beautiful elegant nails. We also provide Soaks off for free if Nails are done in Beauty Nails Spa, it will be soaked off easily in 20 minutes. In addition to Nail services, Beauty Nails Spa also offers Waxing services for hands and legs.