In 2006, Ho Kee Hai & Partners was established with the twin purpose of a private specialist group practice and a training centre in implant dentistry for Southeast Asia.

Our specialists provided treatment to patients in the day and trained dentists after clinical hours. Patients of the clinic were also educated on their dental conditions to help them have a holistic understanding of their dental problems and be able to make better-informed decisions.

Our passion and expertise in dental implantology, and postgraduate education and training was well recognised and received. In 2010, a second British university, the University of Central Lancashire, appointed Ho Kee Hai & Partners to lead their MSc course in dental implantology and oral surgery for dentists in Southeast Asia and Australia.

In December 2013, the practice was renamed CODEN Specialists. The name CODEN is inspired by the Latin words “cognitio dentalis” which expresses our ethos in continuous pursuit of new knowledge in dentistry. It also reflects a company of dentists with a shared vision of becoming an exemplar of clinical and teaching excellence.

Today, CODEN Specialists is evolving to offer Singapore’s own dental implant programme to dentists in the region.

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