I received my 5 years of structured dental training from the University of Melbourne, which has traditionally been recognized as one of the top dental schools in Australia. Under the training program, I was schooled and educated in different aspects of dentistry. This training provides me the opportunities to help patients both in the hospitals as well as community clinic settings. The exposure to the variety of patient cases was invaluable as it provided plenty of experience on the different ways of patient management. In addition, I was also privileged to work and train under various distinguished clinicians and professors which have shaped my treatment philosophy today.

Upon the completion of my dental traineeship, I returned to Singapore where I have been involved in full-time town private dental practices, based in Marina Square, Paragon and currently, Geylang Road. My range of services are comprehensive, with emphasis on preventive dental care and early disease intervention. For complex management of patients requiring multi-disciplinary approaches, I routinely work with our specialists, whom I discuss and manage the patients together, with the discussion usually involving the patients chairside.

Education wise, I am constantly seeking to improve myself professionally. I am a firm believer in continuing professional education. In order to provide quality dental care with knowledge of the latest material in the dental market, technique and equipment, it is imperative that I regularly upgrade and educate myself. Hence, I regularly attend lectures, workshops, seminars and courses. As of 2015, I have accumulated since my graduation, more than 400 hours of continuing dental education, in topics ranging from dental implants, whitening, crowns and bridges to TMJ disorder. Due to the full time nature of my job, these were accomplished outside my working hours. In addition, I am always on the look out for new dental tools and equipments, if they allow me to improve on my patient management and treatment. For precision work, I rely on my magnification loupes (Surgitel Dental Loupes Magnification 4.5x), which I routinely use for treatments ranging from crown and bridge treatment, to fillings and even scaling. It has made a big difference in my work, providing magnification and clear visual field when working in the mouth. This allows me to visualise difficult, tight areas in the mouth as well as being more precise and meticulous.

I work with patients of all ages, including young kids. I enjoy my work tremendously and I am committed in building strong relationships with my patients. My motto is to do the best work that I can provide for my patients, and my professional vision is to increase public dental awareness through patient education as well as high quality dental management.

Outside of my work, I am actively involved in providing continuing dental education to fellow dentists. Part of my passion includes giving lectures and training workshops to my professional colleagues, both within Singapore and in countries such as Malaysia and Indonesia. My vision is for our dental community to be equipped with the best level of skills so that they can provide optimum dental care to their patients.

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