EHA Clinic & Skincare is an aesthetic clinic dedicated in helping you achieve the look you had always wanted; looking good, feeling great.

With cosmetic treatments such as hydra-dermabrasion, aqua-dermabrasion, hair transplant & fractional lasers etc becoming increasingly popular, they are also becoming ever more affordable in recent years, removing the barriers between you and the appearance you desire (Singapore).

EHA Clinic is committed in providing our patients with the highest possible standard of minimally invasive aesthetic treatments. Our doctors have proven track records of best practice standards in their respective fields. The expertise of our doctors are supported by the professionalism of the staff teams; possessing indepth knowledge and experience for your benefit.

EHA offers advanced cosmetic equipments, some of which are exclusive within the Asia Pacific region. Our ongoing investment in technology, combined with our commitment to the uppermost levels of patient care, ensures that we are your preferred choice for aesthetic procedures.

We can be distinguished by our quality of personal service provided by our doctors and skilled medical staff, offering you unrivaled standards in patient care before, during and after your aesthetic treatments.

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