Our passionate team is led by Dr. Evan Woo, an MOH- accredited plastic surgeon who has honed his skills and expertise.

Passion, however, is only one end of the equation. On the other side, is you. Everything we do and accomplish is possible because of the trust and faith you place in our hands.

This is why our entire process, from consultation to post- surgical follow-ups, starts and begins with you.

Many surgical clinics tend not to specialise in any area, opting to offer a bevy of services from head to toe.

Dr. Woo, however, fundamentally believes that the more you specialise in an area, the better you will be. This was the beginning of his journey to deepen his knowledge and surgical skillset on breast cancer treatments.

We are proud to say that we are one of the few clinics in Singapore that offers a full comprehensive range of breast procedures from breast augmentation to breast reconstruction.

For example, we offer liposuction and fat grafting services, both of which are useful adjuncts to aesthetics and reconstruction of the breast.

With cutting-edge technology, coupled with our experienced team led by Dr. Woo, there are no breast-related procedures and issues that our clinic cannot handle.

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