Face of Man is Singapore’s first ever man skincare centre to provide skincare solutions of the highest standards for men with excellent customer service such as acne treatment, acne scar, hair removal, singapore men facial and microdermabrasion.

Treating pimples mark an indication of scarring. Knowing the numerous types of acne may result to having knowledge on how to do about the best acne treatment. Most common are: Ice Pick Scars which are deep and narrow; Boxcar Scars which are angular, with well-defined edges just like chickenpox scars; Hypertrophic Scars or Keloid Scars which frequently, may overgrow or much bigger; and Rolling Scars which produce a wave-like appearance.

Before heading through reliable acne treatment, be sure that the skin is free of any active acne. Consult the best doctor to check treatments with possibly at the same time, be knowledgeable of the procedure that should be followed not less than three months ahead of metamorphosis. The severity of the scars would tell the kind of acne treatment you’ll want to undergo.

The dermatologist can suggest the commonest and mild acne skin care treatments including chemical peel or microdermabrasion to assist improve appearance of scarred areas Serious scarring may result in several options:

Laser Resurfacing, the doctor should lower the pain by numbing the skin with local anesthesia as well as the laser, the damaged top layers of the skin is slowly removed and after that tighten the middle layer, leaving the skin smooth. Complete healing could take 3 To 10 days.

Dermabrasion or surgical skin planing requires a longer time for skin to restore. It may be a procedure in which the skin is frozen and making use of a specialized instrument, your skin contour is improved upon from the abrasive or planing action as being the new layer of skin replaces the treated skin. Recovery could take ten days to three weeks.

Fractional Laser Treatments are a non-evasive acne treatment procedure which uses a tool to provide a laser beam which focuses on a tiny part of the skin at a time. It does not wound the main layer and somebody who has had these kinds of treatment would only appear like sunburned.

But besides all of these, prevention is always far better than cure. Make particular to keep the face clean by washing twice daily for cleansing the face many times can make the face dry and produce more oil. Stop squeezing or popping zits. Stay well hydrated to remain the skin hydrated and healthy, drink vitamins and eat lots of vegetables and fruits. Avoiding junk food and sleeping on time is of great help.

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