Imperial TCM – Our Services:

TCM General Medicine
Acupuncture, Moxibustion, Cupping, Guasha, Herbal Medicine, Tuina Osteopathy & Medical Massage.

Areas include: Internal Medicine, Women’s Health/Gynecology, Men’s Health, Paediatrics, and miscellaneous diseases such as allergies, bronchial asthma, eye conditions, high blood pressure, bronchitis, gastro-intestinal disorders, facial paralysis, urinary tract infections, common cold, diarrhea, constipation, skin disorders, sciatica, infertility, headaches, sinusitis, tinnitus, impotence, sleep disorders, cardiac dysrythmias, menstrual problems and many more

TCM Sports Medicine
Injury Management, Orthopedic Massage/Alignment, Chronic Pain Management (Postural/Neurodynamics), Athletic Screening, Rehabilitation Therapy, Sports Massage, Medical Laser, Kinetic Taping.

TCM Wellness
Wellness and Beauty, Remedial Massage, Detoxification (Lymphatic) Massage, Facial Rejuvenation Therapy, Nei Zang Internal Organs Massage, Central Jiao Visceral Release, Slimming Therapy, Mindfulness Meditation

Senior citizens enjoy free consultation at our clinic all day all year, you need only pay for medicines and other services if any.


针灸, 拔火罐, 刮痧, 艾灸, 刺络, 耳朵针灸, 药物, 跌打, 经络推拿, 正骨, 脊柱, 儿童推拿, 食治疗, 吐納, 坐忘, 气功.

运动伤痛调理, 長期痛症管理, 功能性运动检测, 康复保健, 运动推拿, 激光医疗, 贴布

养生推拿, 排毒按摩, 面部刮痧, 脏经调理, 乳腺调理


御品中医将为广大患者提供专业的治疗,优质的服务,舒适清洁的环境。过了六十岁的朋友免付诊费, 只需付药, 针灸或其它服务的费用。

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