Our team of doctors responds to medical house calls 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. They range from emergency to regular medical care.

Medical treatment at home offers both privacy and convenience to the patient. Patients are in a familiar environment and family supports are readily available. Convenience cannot be further emphasized especially for patients with disability, chronic disease and the elderly.

MW Medical has always believed in quality life for the sick, with doctors visiting patient’s home, we manage the patient’s well being and medical problems by:

Interacting with family members
Understanding home surroundings
Providing advice on home modification
Many tourists and young executives find our service complete and convenient. Treatment, diagnosis and administration are all performed in one visit. Hotel calls are done so that the tourists can be nursed in the hotel. Many travel insurance also recognize the services rendered by mobile doctor. MW Medical has become synonymous with 24 hour emergency care.
Geriatric patients, oncology patients, orthopedics patients will find mobile doctor and the other services very useful even after they are discharged to home.

Our doctors are equipped with medical devices to carry out diagnosis and treatment anytime, anywhere. Services include:

Medical Consultations
Home Hospice Care
Home Care for the Elderly
Home Care for the Chronic Patients such as Stroke, Diabetes.
Palliative Home Care for Cancer Patients
Post Hospitalization Consultations at home
Follow Up Treatments
Wound Care Management
Travel Vaccinations

Ambulance transfers can be extremely stressful for some people. We understand that at MW Medical.

The patient’s safety and comfort is of paramount importance to us. Our ambulance can provide both emergency and non- emergency ambulance transfer.

For 24 hour island wide ambulance service, you can reach us at our 24 hour hotline, 625 00 625.

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