SEAS doctors are registered with the Singapore Medical Council.

Our doctors are available to make round the clock house calls, ranging from regular medical care (for patients who are non-ambulatory but for whom mobility is an issue, such that they are not able to go to a nearby medical facility) to emergency medical care (for sick patients too weak/unstable to seek medical care at a nearby medical facility). Our doctors are also able to issue death certificates when required.

SEAS doctors are equipped with the necessary medications and equipment to perform precise treatment/medical intervention (administration of drugs etc) in one visit. We are able to attend hotel calls should tourists want to be treated in the comfort of their hotel room. In addition, we are recognised by many travel insurance companies.

Once our doctors are engaged, they can attend with our ambulances. Alternatively, after assessment on scene by our doctors, if the patient is deemed to need a transfer to a hospital for further investigations or management, our ambulances can then be called upon. We have a panel of affiliated specialists who are able to take over the care of the patient on arrival at the hospital. These direct admissions bypass the Accident and Emergency Department. Such seamless transfers of patients is achievable through a well-coordinated team of paramedics, ambulance staff, doctors and specialists.


SEAS is best known for providing excellent pre-hospital care. Our fleet of fully equipped ambulances registered with the Ministry of Health, are registered and designed to respond to both medical and trauma emergencies.

Our emergency ambulances are equipped with:

• Advanced life support equipment such as transport ventilators
• Emergency drugs
• Intravenous drugs and solutions
• Spinal immobilisation devices
• Patient monitors
• Defibrillators and Automated External Defibrillators (AED)
• SEAS provides medical repatriation across Singapore borders. Our intensive care ambulances are fully equipped to transport critically ill patients from Singapore to Malaysia with a doctor or registered nurse on board.

Additionally, SEAS do have a fleet on non-emergency ambulances providing the following services;

• Home to hospital transfer
• Local transfer from hospital to home / nursing home / other hospital
• Home to dialysis / medical appointment
• Tarmac cases
• For an emergency / immediate response, please contact us at (+65) 6100-6995

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