The creation of The Aesthetics Firm by Aquila Medical stemmed from the vision of Dr. Stephen Chu, serving as our guiding inspiration. Our primary objective is to offer patients the utmost transparency, dependability, and expertise in contemporary healthcare treatments.

Our core mission revolves around fostering both inner and outer wellness for our patients. We are dedicated to sincerity and diligence in addressing your health concerns and aspirations. Recognizing the burdens of modern life, we strive to provide a sanctuary at The Aesthetics Firm, instilling a sense of well-being and confidence for all occasions. Our commitment lies in meeting and exceeding clients’ expectations, ensuring their utmost satisfaction with the outcomes.

We extend a warm invitation to visit us for further inquiries or to simply unwind in our lounge area, where light refreshments and beverages await. Everyone is embraced with open arms at all times.

Opening Hours


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