Dr Doris Ang, certified Irlen Diagnostician and Regional Clinic Director, holds a Master in Social Science and a BA in Psychology. She was clinically trained in Australia.

Doris serves on the Irlen International Development Committee (IIDC). For 10 years, she was doing counselling and life skill training in Changi Womens’ Prison to help inmates reintegrate into society upon their release. Since 1991, she has been involved in Grief and Bereavement counselling for patients and families in Hospice Care Association. She was commended a Family Life Ambassador in 2002. She was a Consultant for Dignity Link, a Social enterprise which aims to enable people with mental illness to lead productive functioning lives in society. Doris was featured in Straits Times, Mind-Your-Body, and interviewed live on Radio 93.8 as well as on TV Channel 8. She was awarded a long service award by the Ministry of Community Development, Youth and Sports for her invaluable contributions to the community.

Being a dyslexic herself and suffering from Irlen Syndrome (visual dyslexia), Doris managed to overcome her disorder which led to her interest and concern for students who were underachieving and experiencing reading difficulties. She realises there is a lack of knowledge about this condition and treatment in Singapore, and hopes to work with schools and higher educational institutions to arrest and treat Irlen Syndrome especially in young children. She authored the book “Achieve Your Breakthrough in Learning Difficulties” to share with parents, teachers and professionals to educate them about the Irlen Method for treating visual dyslexia.

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